Sitara Elizabeth Falcon and I met in 2008 when we were working on “National Lampoon’s Lemmings” revival together. It was theoretically bringing back the vibe of the OG Lemmings, with Belushi, Chevy, Christopher Guest so it felt like the most important thing that had ever happened to me in my life and I was terrified. I very vividly remember walking into a large, low budget film studio around fairfax and 3rd. It was the first professional gig I had booked since moving to L.A from Detroit and I was terrified of being the least qualified comedian there. I couldn’t have known it in the moment, but Sitara was the perfect first person to meet in a cast of insanely talented young improvisers, sketch and stand up comedians. Sitara is genuine, and genuinely kind, insanely talented, a fantastic father and probably an OK husband. Sitara Elizabeth is impossible NOT to like – so I asked the motherfucker to officiate my wedding. Pandemic 2020 hit, we went from a 300 person wedding to 3. Sitara met my (then) fiancé and I at Neptunes Net in Malibu, we drove just behind it following the first road we saw up into the mountains until we found an old tsunami evacuation road winding up, in and around for several miles until we felt like it was a good time to stop. Sitara bravely hiked into the brush and it was like out of a dream. We found a clearing and a little flowing stream, and this beautiful son of a bitch married my wife and I in front of the mountains in Malibu, jesses H christ is that the most CA story you’ve ever heard? This motherfuckers real name is Sitara Falcon, I love him like family – and more than most of my family – and I wish he would stop letting his kids read my text messages and listen to my voice mails. Sitara is an Actor, VO talent, teacher and friend of 15 years .

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